Morrison Bridge Lighting Partner Program

The Morrison Bridge Lighting Partner Program is back!

Are you one of the thousands of locals and visitors who enjoy the LED lights on the piers of the Morrison bridge? The Morrison Bridge Lighting Program offers community members and organizations the chance to transform the city through nightly custom lighting on the piers of the Morrison Bridge.

WLB raised the necessary funds, shepherded the design and installation of these low-energy, long-lasting light-emitting diode fixtures and donated them to the County. The County has contracted with WLB since July 2009 to solicit and process applications from the public and relay approved color choices to the Bridge Shop–on a first come~first served basis. We have been pleased to fulfill requests from individuals and groups with a wide range of causes, events and milestones to celebrate.

Modest fees from public Lighting Partners cover organizational and staff time required to fulfill their requests and to continue these lights as they began–without the use of tax funds.

Fill out the application form below to put your colors on the Morrison Bridge.

Light the Bridge

  • Points of Contact

  • Choose your Bridge Lighting Options

    Color Selection: You may select one color for each light position shown above. The north and south side of the bridge will be identical. You may request a first, second, and third choice for each light position (For example: 1. Dark Blue/Light Blue/Purple). Please note: Primary Colors work best; pastels do not show up on the concrete surface of the piers.

  • Hidden
    Choose the appropriate item. Please note: Dynamic displays require considerable programming and, thus, higher fees.
  • *Please note that multiple day lightings are in sequential order. For example, if you would like to light the bridge for 3 days it must be for 3 days in a row. Multiple day lightings in non-sequential order cannot be discounted due to fixed bridge lighting costs associated with the changing of colors.

Lighting date 1st preference
Lighting date 2nd preference
Lighting date 3rd preference
  • Publicity

    With your permission we will post your lighting event to the WLB website calendar. You may include a short description about why you are lighting the bridge and your organization as well as a link to a website if you have one.

  • If you would like your event publicized on the Willamette Light Brigade website please include a brief description of your cause, business, or general reason for light the bridge.
  • If you would like us to include a link to your website please provide the url here.
  • PLEASE BE ADVISED: The County will make a reasonable effort to create a lighting display approved by Willamette Light Brigade within the capabilities of the lighting system, consistent with your request. Due to the limitations of that lighting system, specific colors or light movements may not be obtained, so the County makes no guarantees about the accuracy of the colors or movements that will be displayed. If the dates you’ve chosen are not available or if bridge needs to be closed for maintenance or an emergency and prevents a special light display, those impacted will be notified and any deposit or portion thereof will be refunded if a future date or duration is not determined. Similarly, refunds may be arranged for any alleged or actual discrepancy or inadequacy of the final display.

  • By signing you acknowledge you have read and accept the conditions and advisories in this application.